Reflections of the Past

Hunter George“My art attempts to capture some of the joys of my childhood,” declares Hunter George, an internationally recognized Texas watercolor artist, who bills his work as “Reflections of the Past.”

Hunter’s desire is to preserve a cultural history that is quickly fading. His love of old buildings, antique vehicles, and rural landscapes dominates his portfolio; however, the romance of the French Riviera, where he frequently visits his daughter and grandchildren, also captures his imagination.


International Awards

I am proud and fortunate to have had, over the years, the paintings below selected for the Annual International Watercolor Exhibition in Houston, Texas. My paintings have also been chosen for the Texas Art Society’s International Show in San Antonio. These shows are open to professional artists all over the world. There are usually 500-600 entries, with fewer than 100 selected for exhibition by an internationally-known juror. Of these, about 30 are Texas artists.

Trolley Barn - Texas Watercolor Artist

Burton Cotton Gin - Texas Watercolor Artist

Rural Mailboxes - Texas Watercolor Artist

Zedlers Mill - Texas Watercolor Artist

The Wreck of the ole 97 - Southern Virginia - Watercolors by Hunter

New Sweden Lutheran Church - Texas Watercolor Artist

Old French Monastery - Texas Watercolor Artist


The Trolley Barn – Massachusetts
Burton Cotton Gin – Texas
Mailboxes – Hawaii
Zedlers’ Mill – Texas
Wreck of The Ole 97 – Virginia
New Sweden Lutheran Church – Texas
Old French Monastery – France